Queeneth Skincare Routine

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Skin Care | Aesthetics | Beauty
Queeneth Skincare Routine

Queeneth Skincare Routine

Each time I look at the mirror after taking my bath, I think on how healthy and beautiful my skin look.Lashi products are 100% natural,free of harsh toxic that demage skin such as hydroquinone,mercury,steroids,We understand the value of life and feeling good on the inside.
I’m very pleased with how healthy my skin looks and I see my skin is glowing too, please note that no skin tone is mentioned like light,dark or chocolate. I simply mentioned ‘Healthy and beautiful’

Your skin tone ain’t what matters, as woman and men around the globe guest for better looking skin,but let me tell you a secret, it’s not about your tone but how healthy,glowing even complexion skin you have.
The struggles were real my friends, I didn’t achieve my complexion without the challenges most of you might have faced or be experiencing presently, I almost gave up, because we all experienced some frustration or even give up at some points, don’t ever give up because one day, you too will get there and achieve your own personal skin goals

A lot of people ask if I use our skin lighting products daily. The answer is yes and no, yes to when I wanted a particular skin tone and no to when i achieved the tone I wanted,I maintain the glow oil on a daily basis and lightened on interval

I detests make up, because of its most challenging effects it comes with,I’m in place where I can’t lose my Skin tone but might lose the glow, I also believe make up steals that beautiful spotless glow on your face and can be time consuming too,I’m very lazy with with it.

*Let me share few my beauty regimen with you

Soft and silky skin: shaving of hairs from your skin,is the secret for soft skin. I wex it off every 5weeks because I’m a bit hairy but you can wex depending on how fast your own hairs grow,and afterwards I use the glowing oil and see the difference.
Body scrubs are one of the most essential part of my regimen, locate our Spa if your in port harcourt or locate one nearest to you,getting a body scrub is one of the best things you could do for your skin,your at advantage because we are Asian trained. You exfoliate deed skin and open up pores,I love the experience, each time I scrub my body,or allow someone give me a shower. Lol, yes I was spoiled as a child.
Once in a week scrub is perfect….., during events like weddings,award nights and general ceremony, body scrubs are a most have.
I use our Lashi sugar scrubs,after the scrub,have a milk bath,wash off with our soap and finally use the glow oil and i fall so deeply inlove with my skin, every visitor of mine,visits Lashi Spa. Please Moisturize on a daily basis

Face:Using cream on you face,dose more good than harm, for those suffering from¬† acne, it’s best not to use body cream on face. I always advise you use the face package (soap, body scrub, face cleanser,face mask,face cream) when the acne dries up, you can still maintain the face cream and face toner,that’s great for spots, because applying cream over acne makes it’s worst.

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